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Frequently Asked Questions

Answering your questions!

What if I want an epidural?


That's great!  Pain management is a personal decision, can be empowering, and I fully support your choice! A doula is specially trained to help provide comfort measures. It might be massage, it might be using water, it might be counter pressure or help with movement, but a doula will be able to help you keep your cool before, during, and after an epidural.


Does a doula replace my partner or support person?


Never. Doulas and support people make a fantastic team!  Doulas encourage and enable partners and support people to be as involved as they want to be.  I pride myself on overseeing the labor process and giving partners and support people the tools they need to support the laboring person with confidence. Support people commonly report higher satisfaction in birth when a doula is present.

I have a midwife, do I need a doula?

Absolutely!  Whether you decide to work with a midwife, OB, General Practitioner in a hospital setting, or home birth, a doula is an essential member of your birth team. A birth doula offers continuous support-- your provider is medically responsible for many people at one time.  A doula is solely dedicated to one person in labor at a time. This kind of support has shown to have many benefits, including a high reduction in interventions and increased comfort for both the laboring and support person. Medical providers are not able to give continuous support, particularly in a hospital setting.

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